What have I learned from my audience feedback?

I have received lots of positive feedback from classmates and friends, overall, people really liked the video, digipak and poster. Here is our analytic’s off from youtube from our music video.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 09.08.31

The video has been viewed 25 times, this is not many times, however this is just under 1 view a day. As you can see, the video was most viewed in the United Kingdom, this may be because my target audience was based in the UK and therefore the film was designed to please them and not the global viewers. We do not have any likes yet on the video which means that I should promote the video/link on real social media sites such as twitter and spread the word. We can also see that the average view duration time is 1:20 minutes. I think this is because at 1:20 mins, the song gets a bit repetitive and there fore lacks diversity so the viewer may become unhooked to the film. I posted my final music video on Facebook available for anyone to comment. Again, there were a lot of positive comments.
Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 13.32.11.png

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CD sales in the last 5 years

I know the following graph is out of date, but the decrease of CD’s is exponential and can be expected to continue to decrease.

CD sales used to be a musicians main source of revenue. Due to the decrease in sales, the artists have had to find other ways such as performance and touring. Selling music online also gives the artist very low revenue as you will see in the diagram below.buyingitunes.jpg

Taylor swift therefore makes most of her money through touring.