Audience feedback – Final poster

“I really like both posters, such a difficult decision. I probably prefer the landscape one as it reflects the music video better. However, there is an obvious ‘line’ where the photos have been put together, maybe consider fading this out.”
“I definitely prefer the portrait one, it is much more eye catching because the colours are much deeper.”
“I would be more likely to buy the album if If I saw the landscape one but it does not look very professional at the moment. Maybe put another layer on top.”
“Definitely the landscape one, the portrait one is not strong enough. I think there is something missing tho on the landscape one, maybe a few more colours.”
Having considered this feedback, I have decided to go for the landscape poster. Having said this, everyone I asked said that they liked the deeper colours or wanted to see some “more depth” in the landscape poster. Consequently, I have altered the poster in favour of this. The following is my final poster:Final final poster.png

Final Poster(s)

I designed lots of different posters as I could not decide which one would be most successful. I have narrowed it down to the above two and will conduct audience research to help me decide which one to use.Poster Media.pngposter 3.png