In what ways does my media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

  1. This is the first establishing shot we see in the music video. In pop videos such as Taylor Swift and Sia, the opening shots are of the main character waking up in an unknown place. This shot also hooks the audience because it encourages them to ask; “who/where is he?”. The cinematography is also interesting here because of the rays of sunlight in the background.
  2. In this shot, we see the dancer by herself ‘stirring’ up the ground. This represents how Charlie’s mind is progressively getting more frantic and uncontrollable. She tells a narrative but also creates a performance at the same time. This dance shot was key to my music video as dance is a common feature of pop music videos. I took influence from Adele who creates a very similar image. Her costume was chosen specifically to introduce an element of surrealism.
  3. I focused on one key colour – green. This will not only allow for good advertising but also allows me to colour match to a location. This is why producers often have a key colour/theme such as coldplay who change their theme with each album. In this shot, there is a focus pull from the main character to the leaves. This shows the audience an element of high quality.
  4. A close up of the main characters facial expression is common in pop music videos. It allows the viewer to use their emotions to ‘bond’ with the song. It also encourages the audience to think about the narrative from his point of view.
  5. Here I overlapped the dancers lips on top of the main character. I have personally not   seen this in any other pop music videos. Here, I am challenging the conventions of real media. The shot is engaging with the audience and creates an extra depth to the video.
  6. This is a tracking shot which is a given during a chasing scene. It creates speed and momentum which are very common features in electronic music videos. The idea of being chased is key to the narrative in this music video.
  7. In this shot, I sped up Charlie to make him appeare more frantic which directly relates to the dancer’s movement. Pop/electronic music videos often include time-lapse footage which is similar to the ‘speeding up’ effect that I have used. This would be an example of developing the conventions of real media products.
  8. Here we see Charlie after he has been caught, he is lying on the ground in the woods. The woods is a very common place to film for pop videos. We can see the blue flashing lights on his face which represents the police. This gives the video a more of a realistic feel which contrasts to they hyperreal narrative and location.
  9. The final shot is of the dancer, she is still and calm which represents an ending of some sort. I have left the music video on a cliff hanger which enables the audience to decipher the ending themselves. Many artists such as Shawn Mendes have created videos with a cliffhanger, it can often mean there will be a sequel to the video. I have conformed to real media in this respect.

3x3 analysis.png


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